Road Trip Project

Category: Government

A road trip through Europe? Sounds like a dream! We joined forces with the European Commission, Manythink and 20Something to make that dream come true. Along the way, we regularly stopped to showcase numerous European initiatives. After all, what exactly does the European Union stand for? What’s going on at the moment? And what does the European Union do at a local level? We went to investigate!

Four teams of two millennials went on an adventure on a hop-on-hop-off bus. Their road trip stretched from the Mediterranean coast to the Baltic Sea, via the Atlantic Ocean and the Danube. The teams not only got to know the different regions better, but also the projects and initiatives of the European Union. Wherever they went they met the locals, who showed the millennials around their city or region and talked about their interests, concerns and expectations.

All European residents could join in the journey of discovery via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It didn’t take us long to attract a loyal online community. After the trip we made a road movie and an online travel guide, so everyone can find out for themselves what the European Union has in store for us!