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Around the world in eighty (and a handful of other) trends. That was ‘Lust for Life’ in a nutshell. Eva Daeleman was your guide on a tour of the hotspots in Europe’s most vibrant cities. And reporters Joy Anna Thielemans, Hannelore Knuts, Titus De Voogdt, Wim Ballieu, Elke Lahousse, Geerard Van de Walle and Stijn Vlaeminck went in search of the most interesting trends in terms of design, fashion and food.

Since ‘Lust for Life’ wanted to do more than just comb our own backyard, we came up with a way of travelling the world with a very small team. It was all very rock ‘n’ roll. Add in the pumping soundtrack by The Compact Disk Dummies and the result is an infectious lifestyle magazine that made viewers yearn for the weekend, their next trip or even their next career. Mission accomplished – unfortunately – because our VRT contact who was supposed to order season 2 has gone AWOL. Last we heard he was working as a professional quinoa grower on a city farm.


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