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We love television, that much is obvious. Still, in 2014 doubt started gnawing at the back of our minds. In this social media age we were starting to miss the direct contact with the audience. What if we told our stories directly online? We looked for and found a like-minded soul in Jani Kazaltzis. Shortly after, ‘JaniTV’ was up and running. It was a fun challenge for both parties. Experts in the sluggish medium of television who are suddenly forced into producing fast online content: how were we going to pull this off? The solution was obvious: the programme had to centre around online video. Short and easily palatable formats that combined our strengths: Hotel Hungaria’s signature visual style and Jani’s pointed humour.

The fans not only liked and shared the result but – and this was a first – they also commented on it. For the very first time, we heard straight from the horse’s mouth what worked and what didn’t. With every ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’, we became slightly more expert at making online content. ‘JaniTV’ was one of those seeds that was planted and developed into an online branch of its own.