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Yoga is the fastest-growing sport in Belgium and the Netherlands. Yoga schools are popping up everywhere and on social media, too, the Sun Salutation and Cat pose score millions of likes. That gave us an idea: why not make yoga even more accessible? Especially for those who like yoga but don’t feel at ease in an overcrowded yoga studio.

Our thoughts turned to the one and only Ingeborg. As well as being a presenter and singer, she has been a professional in yoga, meditation and self-development for almost three decades now. The perfect instructor for our yoga story!

On 8 February 2018, Hotel Hungaria launched Iedereen Yoga, a brand-new online yoga platform, unique in Flanders. In return for a one-off introductory payment, you can follow six exclusive master classes with Ingeborg, available from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or television. So no overcrowded studio lessons but yoga in the comfort of your own living room. Hotel Hungaria takes care of the entire management of the platform and all social media channels.