Fabriek Romantiek

Category: Lifestyle

In our modern age where everything is for sale and finished products are available the world over, Eva Daeleman and Caroline Verbrugghe prefer to get the viewer to recycle.

‘Fabriek Romantiek’ was their weekly release. In this lifestyle programme, they combed the neighbourhood in search of original objects and inspiring locations. From an amazing find at a vintage market to a trendy coffee bar that is perfect for a cosy afternoon with friends. Eva and Caroline also liked to get creative themselves. What do you do when a suitcase suddenly gives up on you? Or with worn watches that haven’t ticked for years? Throw them away? Not on your life: a lick of paint, some recuperated materials and a bit of dexterity is all you need to breathe new life into old stuff.

‘Fabriek Romantiek’ was also available in print: Eva and Caroline were happy to
share the very best addresses and the greatest DIY tips. The inspiring examples and
clear pictures were a bonus.