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In the summer of 2014 mini kitchen gardens were all the rage. They were the ideal solution for people who don’t have a huge amount of space or have to make do with a cosy city garden. Hotel Hungaria decided to dig deeper and with our ‘Groenland’ experience under our belt, we planted a new gardening series for Libelle TV.

For an entire season, ‘De Vierkante Meter’ zooms in on three families as they tend to their three square feet of garden. They could always call on gardening expert Laurence Machiels for practical tips. Because how do you determine the right set-up for your mini garden? What is the most efficient layout? Should you cultivate savoury or fruity plants?

Before long, what started out as a little gardening experiment started to flesh out. The square foot garden grew into a kind of campfire around which families would gather to exchange all kinds of stories. Their green fingers afforded us a secret window on their everyday lives and this often resulted in wonderful, warm and funny television…