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To mark the occasion of its 20th birthday, Telenet asked us to promote the digital world in general and its Wigo product in particular across all age categories. Together with advertising agency TBWA we founded the Digibende: a group of twenty-somethings who believe that technology makes everything more fun and interesting. For ten weeks they scoured the Flemish landscape on their mission and for a little while we let them hijack Telenet’s social channels with self-made videos, pictures, snaps, gifs and Boomerangs.

The Digibende found a digital solution to practically every problem. Are you stuck in traffic? No worries, your smartphone will get you to your destination in no time flat. How about a congestion avoidance app for when traffic is truly gridlocked? Is the holiday season just around the corner? The gang test an app that melts party hangovers like snow before the sun. It seems technology always comes in handy.


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