Belgians like to eat. The problem is: all that eating makes us easily forget where the food on our plates comes from. That’s why Hotel Hungaria together with Boerenbond, the biggest farmers’ organisation of Flanders, started a new movement. One that brings consumers and farmers closer together and makes us all proud of their hard work: BOERENTROTS.

To launch Boerentrots in the most impactful way, we created a tailor-made ecosystem of partners and exclusive deals. Together with our PR partner BePublic, we started the campaign with testimonials of 11 of Flanders’ finest chefs which was picked up by all big media outlets in Flanders. As a next step we partnered with HLN & VTM and created Jobswitch, an online video series where 6 Flemish celebrities switched jobs with a farmer for a day. We also partnered with the Electronic Beach Festival ‘We Can Dance’ where three local chefs prepared dishes made especially for the festival, putting the value of farmers in the spotlights for a younger audience. And up till today the Boerentrots campaign is still live and making people pride.