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No, cats don’t winks at their owners because they are on a charm offensive. And dogs don’t hide their toys because they like an intellectual challenge. And yet… the wildest stories circulate on the internet. So, it’s high time there was a reliable platform for animal lovers! Together with veterinarian Joshua Dutré and the pros at Aveve, we developed ‘Beestig’ at Hotel Hungaria, an all-in meeting and information platform for everyone who loves pets.

When we say ‘all in’, we’re really not joking… ‘Beestig’ is a multichannel 360° story: a fresh animal magazine on VTM, an online platform full of tips & tricks, brand new Facebook and Instagram pages, and a must-read book series.


In the VTM programme ‘Beestig’ veterinarian Joshua Dutré comes to the rescue of families who take a new pet home, he solves problem behaviour and answers many of the questions owners have about their pets. Because, why do cats like to sit in boxes? And why do rabbits do such crazy jumps? All in all, feel-good television for the whole family!


To market the ‘Beestig’ 360° story even more effectively, Aveve, Medialaan and Hotel Hungaria have also launched two books under the brand name ‘Beestig’: ‘100 things you need to know about your cat’ and ‘100 things you need to know about your dog’. Both books are full of fun facts and tips, expertly written by veterinarian Joshua Dutré, the familiar face of ‘Beestig’ on VTM.


Can you have a rabbit as a pet if you live in an apartment? And what’s the best way to deal with aggressive chickens? To get answers to all kinds of questions, animal lovers can also visit, a brand new platform managed by Hotel Hungaria, with the same design and fresh tone as the TV programme.