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With over 250 shops for the general public, AVEVE is the source of inspiration and reference in terms of gardening, animals and home baking. With the new summer season just around the corner, AVEVE was looking for a creative way to boost their online brand awareness on social media channels in order to tap into younger target groups.

Hotel Hungaria fanned the fire with a grand BBQ challenge. Three participants had to fulfil three different barbecue challenges. We then turned their efforts into fun webisodes and shared them on AVEVE’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Images of freshly baked meat and the social gathering of friends and family made the viewers’ mouths water at the prospect of preparing their own slice of meat on an AVEVE barbecue. Of course, not all challenges went off without a hitch but we didn’t let the participants grill in their own fat. In every webisode, our AVEVE coach shared some great tips & tricks. A successful challenge both for AVEVE and Hotel Hungaria.

First of June 2017 – 6th of July 2017


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